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To send a request, a test translation, an order form, or materials to be translated, please, write or phone us:

Tel./fax: +7 495 202 74 81

Mobile: +7 910 462 29 59

E-mail: info@optp.ru

22 Novinsky Boulevard

Barrikadnaya Station

Open Monday to Friday

10 am - 7 pm (Moscow time)

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For professionals

We are looking for qualified and experienced translators and interpreters. Your phone calls are welcome! We negotiate our terms and conditions with those who have sent us their resume, as well as sample and/or test translations (see below). (Note: Only English test translations are uploaded to our site as the demand for translation to and from English is highest):



For beginners

We understand that young translators lack experience. If you are qualified, passionate for the profession, and have not yet gained experience, we can cooperate with you to a limited extent. Note: You should be able to provide quality translations of the texts similar to those given below. Please, send your resume and test translations (see below):


For students

To the attention of senior students of higher education institutions. Note: We do not subcontract unqualified people, but offer a number of opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills. Please, do not phone. Send your resume instead and accompany it with a request for additional information and test translations. You should download the following tests:



For Clients and Partners

We select our subcontractors carefully. We build an experienced and committed team. We intend to render first class services and focus on long-term cooperation.

For Translators and Interpreters

We account for your wants and abilities, value your skills and interest in the results; we aim at long-term cooperation and high quality services.

Useful Links

We bring to your notice a list of sources that we use on a day-to-day basis. Both beginners and skilful freelancers may find them valuable.

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