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To send a request, a test translation, an order form, or materials to be translated, please, write or phone us:

Tel./fax: +7 495 202 74 81

Mobile: +7 910 462 29 59

E-mail: info@optp.ru

22 Novinsky Boulevard

Barrikadnaya Station

Open Monday to Friday

10 am - 7 pm (Moscow time)

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Time, quantity, and quality are X, Y, and Z of a coordinate system a translation agency works in. Placing an order you mark a point in the 3D space. This point is a compromise of the three dimensions. Your objective is to select the point/target reasonably. Our objective is to hit the point/target. What is most important for you is to identify acceptable coordinate values. We are to help you with that. Get ready to explain what your needs are, and we shall formulate the objective in collaboration with you.


Translation/interpretation order placement should be viewed as a process. Be ready for interaction, when possible, plan in advance, provide the background, and send your feedback in order to enjoy benefits of dealing with our Company. The more knowledge on your needs we have, and the more accurate this knowledge is, the better we can express your ideas and complete the targeted. In short, the end result stems from the following three dimensions: your involvement, our efficiency, and effectiveness of the mutual cooperation.


Listed below are only some procedures, rules, and policies determinant of our quality level: Subcontractor Selection and Quality Assurance, including by engaging native speakers, Preventive Control and Job Scheduling, Advanced Training for Employees and Exchange of Experience, Claims Handling and others. Our product is information and, thus, we have thoroughly developed a system of measurable criteria to mark certain reference points in a subjective space of opinions.

Helpful Information

For Clients and Partners

Here you can read about ways to calculate delivery time and scope of work, to determine quality requirements and to perform an order. You may learn what a contractor expects from a client as regards to meeting the client’s requirements. You may find other interesting articles as well.

For Translators and Interpreters

Here you may read about translation/interpretation as a process, about professional competence. You may also find texts on translation/interpretation theory and practice, recommendations of native speakers and other interesting articles.

Useful Sources

To handle information masterfully, one should search, select, and utilize sources and intellectual work products properly. We share our experience and findings with pleasure expecting the same from you!

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