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To send a request, a test translation, an order form, or materials to be translated, please, write or phone us:

Tel./fax: +7 495 202 74 81

Mobile: +7 910 462 29 59

E-mail: info@optp.ru

22 Novinsky Boulevard

Barrikadnaya Station

Open Monday to Friday

10 am - 7 pm (Moscow time)

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Estimate urgency of your order, the number of original symbols in it, and the required translation quality. Do not overpay for non-urgent small texts, if you need a good quality. Do not save time and money on high-priority and complicated materials to be translated perfectly. Last but not least, consider quality and format of the original.


               Prices (indicative prices for major European languages)

Translation, 1 page


simple and/or using a form template

at least 330 at least 10


at least 420 at least 12


at least 500 at least 15



Proofreading, 1 page


simple and/or using a form template

at least 110 at least 4


at least 210 at least 6


at least 250 at least 7



Notarized translator signature, 1 doc.

280 8

Notarized copy, 1 page

30 1



Makeup, 1 page

at least 60 at least 2

Information search, 1 unit

at least 300 at least 9



Consecutive interpretation, 1 day


simple (for example, escort from an airport)

at least 5000 at least 150

standard (for example, at negotiations)

at least 6000 at least 175

complicated (for example, at a public event)

at least 7000 at least 200


You may contact our managers to obtain detailed information and prices for other languages.


It is of importance, that translation is an intellectual work. The first page of a book should be translated as thoroughly as the last one, and both pages require the same time and effort to be completed. Therefore, our discounts are based on other factors rather than quantities and volumes. Particularly, we appreciate a regular order placement enabling improvement of our work and, as a result, an enhanced quality of products and services provided to you.

Helpful Information

For Clients and Partners

Dear clients and partners, save your time and send texts for estimation to our managers. We will contact you promptly to discuss details of your order, calculate time, quantity, and price accurately, as well as give additional information.

For Translators and Interpreters

Dear colleagues, if you are keen on the profession, we shall be glad to co-operate you. With a view to mutually beneficial co-operation, please, send us your CV and test/sample translations.

Useful Sources

Would you like to enhance translator competence? If you find a quality glossary, a site link useful for linguists, a reliable specialized dictionary, please, let us know. Make your valuable contribution to our profession.


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