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To send a request, a test translation, an order form, or materials to be translated, please, write or phone us:

Tel./fax: +7 495 202 74 81

Mobile: +7 910 462 29 59

E-mail: info@optp.ru

22 Novinsky Boulevard

Barrikadnaya Station

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1.     Questions to Clients

2.     Time, Quantity, and Quality


 Questions to Clients

Dear clients, it is important for us to get answers to the questions listed below:

What is the field your text/event belongs to? (document title, subject matter of communication, and sphere of business or activity they refer to, etc.)

What number of pages do you have/what is the duration of your event? (please, note that a page as a unit of measure, or 300 words, may not correspond to a paper or electronic page due to various font sizes, spaces, text layout, and so on; do not forget to specify a precise performance period, or the beginning and the end of interpreting)

What is the original format of your materials/what is the type of your event?(typical Word document or a specialized original format; is your event public or closed, a mass meeting or a face-to-face discussion between two persons, etc.)

What is the purpose of translation/original or interpretation/event?(required to determine a type of service, a method of performance, a performer, and terms and schedules of work)

What is the order background? (have you ever ordered similar translations or participated in/organized similar events; have you got a web site, a glossary, an archive of translated materials, a professional in the reference field, etc.)

What are your expectations as to fulfilling the order?

Time, Quantity, and Quaity

Unit of measure means a page, or 300 words of a translated text (according to Word statistics).

Important!Number of words in the original is different from that of the translation (a Russian text is usually longer than its English equivalent; texts usually shorten at translating into prevalent foreign languages). Therefore, at placing an order the number of pages is just an estimate, and the final scope of work and payment due are calculated upon the order completion. The difference between original and translation word count is on average 10 to 15%.

Note: Should you reasonably need to know the final amount at placing an order, we can calculate it by your original, on a case-by-case basis and subject to the aforesaid.

Minimum order scope means a unit of measure, i.e. one page (for translation) or two hours (for interpretation).

Important! If the number of words in your original is less than the minimum order scope, the order scope is deemed equal to one page. If an interpreter works less than two hours, the order scope is deemed equal to the minimum order scope.

Note: To calculate translation order scope, we use rounding to one digit/decimal place (example: 11.46 pages equals to 11.5 pages). To calculate interpretation order scope, we use rounding to half an hour (example: 4 hours 45 minutes would round to 5 hours).

Work load means 8 pages per day (for translation) or 8 hours per day (for consecutive interpretation).

Translator/interpreter selection day means an order placement day.

Commencement of work means the day following an order placement day; this is the first day accounted for at work load calculation.

Urgent/complicated order means an order completion of which leads to an exceeded translator/interpreter work load; an order completed on the order placement day; or an order placed in the evening and completed next morning.

Quality performance and results are determined by a number of factors. A set of these determinants varies case by case. Our managers will help you identify an optimum solution and performance period.



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